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Chain inspection and inspection of mooring accessories such as anchors, shackles and connectors is our specialty. Our personnel has experience from inspecting more than 100,000 meters of chain. We are currently a team of 3 dedicated inspectors and have access to several highly qualified inspectors through our network.

Our mobile Chain Inspection Unit, which can be transported to anywhere in the world, is capable of being powered by electricity alone. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint where possible. In comparison to normal chain inspection our method can reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 3 ton CO2* when inspecting a 2000 meter mooring line.

Norwegian Mooring is approved service supplier (AoSS) to DNVGL programme DNVGL-CP-0484. We take great pride in our work and have a good track record of working with different class societies.

We are in the process of being certified Eco-lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn).

*initial calculation only

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